Doctor Who, 812 - Chris Addison and Samuel Anderson
Doctor Who, 812 "Death In Heaven" - Seb (Chris Addison) and Danny (Samuel Anderson) ©2014 BBC Worldwide

Here’s a last minute clip of Doctor Who 812 “Death in Heaven”. We have Seb (Chris Addison) and the dead Danny (Samuel Anderson) talking in ‘heaven’.

The arab teenager standing next to Danny is the kid he killed when he was a soldier.

Seb, who has been inducting Danny to the afterlife, tells him their minds are stored in a cloud. We found out last week this is a bit of Timelord technology. [Actually it is a reference to Tom Baker’s Doctor’s story “The Deadly Assassin“.]

Danny is told that there has been a bit of a change in plan. That the dead are going back to Earth. And even better their bodies have had a bit of an upgrade. By which of course he means they have been turned into Cybermen…

This episode is the second part of the story started last week and also the season final. Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12Death in Heaven” airs tomorrow, November 8th 2014, worldwide.


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