New Statesman Labour party cover Doctor Who cover
New Statesman's Labour party leaders artwork for their 'Doctor Who' cover

A UK political magazine, The New Statesman has the opposition party leaders past and current depicted as different versions of the Doctor from Doctor Who.

New Statesman Labour party cover Doctor Who cover
The New Statesman, Labour party leaders featured in ‘Doctor Who’ cover

The Labour party leaders cover features Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair as Peter Davison Doctor, Ex-Prime Minister Harold Wilson as William Hartnell’s Doctor, Ed Miliband (current party leader in opposition) as Matt Smith’s Doctor, Neil Kinnock as Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor and Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown as Tom Baker’s Doctor!

It is under the heading “Can Ed Miliband regenerate the Labour Party?” to accompany an article titled “The only way is down”: by George Eaton on the current crisis in the Labour Party.

Doctor Who Series 8 (2014) comes to it’s climax this Saturday, November 8th 2014, with a Cyberman invasion of London and a sex changed Master!

Featured Labour Party leaders

  • Harold Wilson was UK Prime Minister from 1964 to 1970 and 1974 to 1976
  • Neil Kinnock was Leader of the Labour Party from 1983 to 1992
  • Tony Blair was UK Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007
  • Gordon Brown was UK Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010
  • Ed Miliband is the current Leader of the Labour Party fighting to be Prime Minister in the upcoming May 2015 elections.

Featured Doctor Who Actors

  • William Hartnell played the Doctor from 1963 to 1966
  • Tom Baker played the Doctor from 1974 to 1981
  • Peter Davison played the Doctor from 1981 to 1984
  • Christopher Eccleston played the Doctor in 2005
  • Matt Smith played the Doctor from 2010 to 2014

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