The Interview - Dave (James Franco) and Aaron (Seth Rogen) ©2014 CTMG

What happened to The Interview is a lesson in how to make a sure fire dud into a must see film.

Here are a couple examples of the reviews for The Interview. The Guardian says “Starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, the film behind the hack that rocked Hollywood is a tasteless but amusing comedy about assassinating Kim Jong-un” and gives it 3 stars. The Wall Street Journal found it even worse, “No one ever thought The Interview would be high art, but its lows are unwittingly epic”.

The Interview – Days before the cancelled New York premiere… Los Angeles, CA – December 11, 2014: Director/Producer/Writer Evan Goldberg and Director/Producer/Screenwriter Seth Rogen at the Red Carpet Premiere at the Ace Hotel ©2014 CTMG

The duo attended the Los Angeles premiere on December 11th, which was a low-key affair at which interviews were not allowed. Then the New York premiere was cancelled. Then with the US Cinema chains withdrawing from screening the film on December 25th 2014 the whole world wants to see this film!

So if the North Koreans where behind the attack on the Sony’s computers they have made a really bad error.

The trick for Sony will be find a way of releasing the movie and get paid to make back their $30 million that was spent on making it. One thing to note is often more specialist films will go for a Theatrical release basically for the PR value when it comes to On-Demand / DVD sales! Sony have now had even better, world wide mass publicity!

Check out the Trailer, clips and star interviews to see what you think of The Interview.

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Colin Davies

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