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Three more videos have been released for Thunderbirds Are Go. These have the Hood checking out Scott, Virgil, Alan and Gordon Tracy and their Thunderbird craft.

This is what the evil Hood had to say about these four brothers and the New Character, Kayo…

“Scott Tracy and the mighty Thunderbird 1, you may be fast but you will never be quick enough to catch me.” Followed by evil laugher…

“Virgil Tracy and the powerful Thunderbird 2. You may be calm under pressure but I have ways to make you crack.” Followed by evil laugher…

“Alan Tracy and the mighty Thunderbird 3, a gifted pilot indeed, but can you out manoeuvre me?” And some evil laugher…

“Gordon Tracy, pilot of Thunderbird 4, you live life to the fullest but you will not be laughing when your ship is under my control.” And yet more evil laugher…

“Kayo, Head of Security for Tracy Island, so many secrets to be revealed”

Thunderbird 2 seems to have had a few modifications from the Thunderbirds (1965) original series. It looks to us as if a bit of rescaling may have been done. The original series did have a problem with scale not quite following on from one craft to another and it looks like this has been addressed. Also it is a bit more military with a straighter, angular look, and a little less curved.

Thunderbird 3 engines have been adjusted, squarer and fixed to the main body in a stronger look. As for Thunderbird 1 & 4 we can’t really see that much difference.

For the sixth member of the line up we are still left with the question, why? Kayo is a new character to Thunderbirds, not in the original series. What happened to Tin-Tin? From the little information we know Kayo might be simply a character renamed. In the original series Tin-Tin is the daughter of Kyrano. He was an old friend of head of International Rescue, Jeff Tracy. Both Tin-Tin and Kyrano lived on Tracy Island.

Thunderbirds Are Go is due to first air on UK’s CITV in Spring 2015.

Thunderbirds Are Go – Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3 and 4 Gallery

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UPDATED February 17th 2015: To include Scott and Thunderbird 1. PLUS added Thunderbird 5 to the video playlist from our earlier article to complete the current set.

UPDATED February 18th 2015: To include the new to the series Team Member, Kayo.

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    1. Interesting thought. Although only one of the characters is being voiced by the original actor. So we feel this is unlikely to be the reason.

      Parker is to be voiced by David Graham as he did in the 1960’s. Kayvan Novak will be taking over voicing Brains, which David also previously did.

      Christine retired from acting many years ago and as you say is no longer with us, having died in Dec 2007.

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