Thunderbirds Are Go - Lady Penelope and Parker©2015 ITV

The release of two more photographs from the up coming Thunderbirds Are Go features Lady Penelope, her trusty chauffeur Parker, the car FAB 1 and Brains.

Thunderbirds Are Go – Detail of FAB 1 ©2015 ITV
Thunderbirds Are Go – Lady Penelope and Parker, with FAB 1 and small dog ©2015 ITV

The pink FAB 1 can also be seen with an IR (International Rescue?) logo rather reminiscent of a Rolls Royce logo. The front of the bonnet features a silver Rocket design echoing the Spirit of Ecstasy flying lady design of Rolls Royce.

The characters themselves have raised some eye brows. Lady Penelope is a some what young version of the character which seems to be getting heavy critisized by fans. Also new is a little dog.

Brain’s depiction has raised comments for the redness of his skin, maybe this version has latino origins? The Parker character has generally been reasonably well accepted. Gone, of course, is the cigarette that was often seen hanging from his mouth.

Thunderbirds Are Go – Brains in the Thunderbird 1 hanger ©2015 ITV

One interest point to note is the CGI characters quite clearly have the larger stitching the puppets had (because of there scale)!

Actor David Graham will revive his voice role as chauffeur Parker. Rosamund Pike will voice Lady Penelope, while Kayvan Novak – from Channel 4’s Facejacker – plays inventor Brains.

It has also been revealed that Sylvia Anderson – who voiced Lady Penelope in the original 1960’s series – will voice a new character in an episode due to air later this year. Written by comedian, David Baddiel, the episode titled Designated Driver sees Sylvia voice the character of Lady Penelope’s Great Aunt Sylvia!

Thunderbirds Are Go – Note the enlarged stitching on Brains’ shirt collar ©2015 ITV

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online