In Thunderbirds Are Go 111Skyhook” International Rescue scrambles all the flight-capable Thunderbirds to rescue the crew of a high-atmosphere weather station in danger of a fierce storm.

This new episode first airs in the UK on Saturday June 6th 2015. It is the eleventh episode of the first batch of 13 episodes of Season 1’s 26 episodes.

Thunderbirds Are Go 111 – Clips

Thunderbirds Are Go 111 “Skyhook” – Gallery

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Thunderbirds Are Go 111 “Skyhook” – Lowdown

International Rescue scrambles all the flight-capable Thunderbirds to rescue the crew of CIR.R.U.S, a high-atmosphere weather station, now in danger due to the arrival of a fierce storm.

TB1, TB2 and TB3 are quickly crippled by the conditions, and the only hope of salvaging the mission lies with TB5 – and John’s ability to mount his most daring rescue ever.

Cast and Crew


Kayvan Novak
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
John Tracy
Rasmus Hardiker
Scott and Alan Tracy
David Menkin
Virgil and Gordon Tracy
Teresa Gallagher
Rhys Darby
Langstrom Fischler
Paul Giacoppo
Rob Hoegee
Head Writer
David Scott
Giles Ridge
Executive Producer
UPDATED: ITV had this episode scheduled originally as the tenth episode airing on May 30th 2015. We have added in the actual tenth episode “Tunnels of Time” which had an additional early airing over the Bank Holiday weekend on Sunday 24th 2015 as well as filling the Saturday May 30th 2015 slot. Those with a series link recording device who did not discover this will be in an early delight.
UPDATED 2: June 5th 2015 Added Video Clip and additional images to gallery.
UPDATED 3: June 6th 2015 Updated cast and crew details.


  1. As the world’s most enthusiastic John Tracy fan 50 years running, I have to say that “Thunderbirds Are Go” has completely won me over! No offense to the Jeff Tracy fans, but if I had known that putting dear ol’ Dad out of action would allow John to knock it out of the park in every episode, I would have sold Jeff out to The Hood years ago! Cheers, ITV—and get this series going in the States ASAP! (The ladies will LOVE it)!

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