Thunderbirds Are Go 110 - Professor Harold
Thunderbirds Are Go, 110 "Tunnels of Time" - Parker, Professor Harold (Voiced by Matt Zimmerman) and Gordon ©2015 ITV Studois/ Pukeko Pictures

In Thunderbirds Are Go 110Tunnels of Time” Lady Penelope, Parker, and Gordon visit an ancient temple in the Amazon desert and become trapped inside.

The episode features the voice of Canadian actor Matt Zimmerman who voiced Alan Tracy in the original 1960s Thunderbirds series. Here he voices misguided archaeologist Professor Harold.

This new episode caught us out – first airing in the UK unexpectedly over the holiday weekend on Sunday May 24th 2015 – but will be repeated in it’s expected slot of Saturday May 30th 2015. It becomes the tenth episode of the first batch of 13 episodes of Season 1’s 26 episodes.

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Thunderbirds Are Go 110 “Tunnels of Time” – Lowdown


Lady Penelope, Parker, and Gordon visit an ancient temple in the Amazon desert.

They are taken on a tour by Professor Harold the lead scientist and become trapped inside. Harold refuses to call for help, fearing his reputation and future of the project if news of an accident got out.

The IR trio must use their wits and survival skills to reach a rescue location inside the temple.


Cast and Crew
David Menkin
Virgin and Gordon Tracy
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
John Tracy
Rasmus Hardiker
Scott Tracy
Rosamund Pike
Lady Penelope
David Graham
Matt Zimmerman
Professor Harold
Nigel Heath
The Laughing King
Dan Berlinka
Rob Hoegee
Head Writer
Theo Baynton
David Scott
Series Director
Giles Ridge
Executive Producer

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online