Thunderbirds Are Go 112 - Gordon
Thunderbirds Are Go, 112 "Under Pressure" - Gordon ©2015 ITV Studois/ Pukeko Pictures

In Thunderbirds Are Go 112Under Pressure” a rescue involves Thunderbird 4 and Lady Penelope.

Ned Tedford (from the “Slingshot” episode) makes an appearance! And so does The Hood…

This new episode first airs in the UK on Saturday June 13th 2015. It is the twelfth episode of the first batch of 13 episodes of Season 1’s 26 episodes.

Thunderbirds Are Go 112 “Under Pressure” – Clip

Thunderbirds Are Go 112 “Under Pressure” – Gallery

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Thunderbirds Are Go 112 “Under Pressure” – Lowdown


A Heavy Metal Extraction Platform carrying toxic waste at the bottom of the ocean is in trouble.

Gordon rushes in with Thunderbird 4 when a fire on board the rolling factory damages its steering capabilities.

With the help of Lady Penelope and Parker above water, Gordon must rescue platform operator Ned Tedford, and prevent the rig from spilling its waste.

Is the Hood again behind these problems for International Rescue?


Cast and Crew
Kayvan Novak
Ned Tedford
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
John Tracy
Rasmus Hardiker
Scott Tracy
Andres Williams
The Hood
Rosamund Pike
Lady Penelope
David Graham
David Menkin
Virgil and Gordon Tracy
Danny Stack
Rob Hoegee
Head Writer
David Scott
Giles Ridge
Executive Producer
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