Vicious 205 - Ian McKellen, Luke Treadaway, Samuel Barnett and Derek Jacobi
Vicious 205 "Flatmates" - Freddie (Ian McKellen), Young Freddie (Luke Treadaway), Young Stuart (Samuel Barnett) and Stuart (Derek Jacobi) ©2015 Brown Eyed Boy

Vicious Season 2 Episode 5 has Freddie Thornhill (Ian McKellen) and Stuart Bixby (Derek Jacobi) and reflecting on their former selves after a falling out.

We have Luke Treadaway playing young Freddie and Samuel Barnett young Stuart. Both are film and tv actors. Luke, sighted as a possible next Benedict Cumberbatch, was recently seen as Vincent Rattrey in the tv series Fortitude. Samuel had the role of Advocate Bob in Jupiter Ascending which had it’s delayed theatrical release this year.

In our pictures Violet (Frances de la Tour) looks like she enjoys the undercover intrigue with Ash (Iwan Rheon) as they try to return things to normal

First airs in the UK on Monday June 29th 2015.

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Vicious 205 “Flatmates” – Official Lowdown


After Freddie and Stuart have a falling out, Stuart moves in with Ash and Violet moves in with Freddie.

It doesn’t take long, however, before the new flatmates begin to drive each other crazy. Violet and Ash devise a plan to return things to normal.

Cast includes Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi, Frances de la Tour, Iwan Rheon, Marcia Warren, Luke Treadaway, Samuel Barnett and Philip Voss.


UPDATE: June 29th 2015 Addition images to gallery

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