James Horner
James Horner at the 15th anniversary celebration for the movie Field of Dreams May 2004

I heard the sad news yesterday that composer James Horner had died when his turboprop aircraft crashed into the Los Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara county, California.

What a talent, what a loss. Just some of his magnificent scores were heard in the movies Glory, Braveheart, A Beautiful Mind, Avatar, Titanic and Field of Dreams.

In May 2004, I attended the 15th anniversary celebration for the movie Field of Dreams. The event was held at a Little League park in West Hollywood, where they even put up stalks of corn behind the playing field so the actors and behind-the-scenes talent could walk out to greet us.

Kevin Costner was there, but I was most thrilled to talk with James Horner, because I loved his music in Field of Dreams and Glory, and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to tell him what a stunning talent I thought he was.

I asked him about the memorable music he wrote for Field of Dreams, which runs from the time James Earl Jones does his speech about baseball and walks into the cornfield, and continues to the end of the movie.

Click here to listen to this modest and lovely man talk about the work he loved so much.

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