Vicious 206 - Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen
Vicious 206 "Wedding" - Stuart (Derek Jacobi) and Freddie (Ian McKellen) ©2015 Brown Eyed Boy

Vicious Season 2 Episode 6 we have Freddie and Stuart’s Wedding that brings the whole group together but as ever for them it doesn’t go to plan.

We are bit puzzled but the official text which refers to mysteriously refers to ‘an event’ yet the title clearly says ‘Wedding’ and we even know that is planned from the previous episode! However, this all seems nicely timed for the very recent decision of the Supreme Court of USA to allow gay marriages in all states regardless of the state law.

Also of note we again get to see Stuart’s Mother, shock horror!

First airs in the UK on Monday July 6th 2015.

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Vicious Vicious 206 “Wedding” – Official Lowdown


An event brings the whole group together but as always, it doesn’t go to plan.

Cast includes Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi, Frances de la Tour, Iwan Rheon, Marcia Warren and Philip Voss.


Freddie Ian McKellen
Stuart Derek Jacobi
Violet Frances De La Tour
Ash Iwan Rheon
Penelope Marcia Warren
Mason Philip Voss
Mildred (Stuart’s mother) Joan Linder
Jasper Michael Cochrane
Cake Shop Assistant Lily Frazer
Baker Mark Davison
Guest Alwyne Taylor
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