The BBC have confirmed that there will be a Doctor Who Series 10 after the one that airs from September 2015.

It would appear that it was this quote, below, in the BBC Worldwide Annual Review that prompted the confirmation. BBC Worldwide provides a large part of there money for Doctor Who. Your note it only says they where reviewing further series for The Musketeers and Doctor Who.

During the year matters under review included plans to launch the global genre brands BBC First in Australia and New Zealand on Foxtel and BBC Brit and BBC Earth in Poland; and investments in The Musketeers S3 and Doctor Who S10. Additionally, during the year WEx reviewed people policies and development opportunities across the company.

Both are excellent series and it it go to know that we have more of them confirmed.

Doctor Who Series 10 is, of course, the tenth Series of its new run. There are 26 Seasons of ‘classic’ Doctor Who before and one TV Movie. Show runner Steven Moffat’s contract covers Series 10 and we are hoping Peter Capaldi will also be around for his third Series. As for co-star Jenna Coleman, she may have left again and still be back!

The Musketeers, 105 - Peter Capaldi
The Musketeers, 105 “The Homecoming” – Cardinal Richelieu (Peter Capaldi) ©2013 BBC