Marvel's Ant-Man - Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) ©2015 Marvel

Ant-Man‘s suit allowing him to change size, which although adding novelty to some of the fight scenes, seems almost to us to explain an artist inconsistency with scale!

However these type of details are not really what matter here as the film is directed by the comedy expert Peyton Reed…

Marvel’s Ant-Man – Hank Pym/Ant-Man (Michael Douglas) and Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) ©2015 Marvel, photo by Zade Rosenthal

New York Times Ant-Man review by AO Scott

[quote_box_center][Paul Rudd is] a pleasant enough hero, registering confusion, amazement and irritation when circumstances require them, but his special charisma gets lost in the suit and drowned out in the hectic noise of the plot.

The most ingenious sequence comes near the end, during a climactic battle between two miniaturized dudes, which toggles between their perspective and that of normal-size people.

Ant-Man dabbles in the bright, playful colors of the superhero spectrum, reveling in moments of cartoonish whimsy and smirky humor.[/quote_box_center]

Rating: 2.5 Stars, From our reading of the review

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LA Times Ant-Man review by Kenneth Turan

[quote_box_center]Marvel comes up big with playful Ant-Man.

Playful in unexpected ways and graced with a genuinely off-center sense of humor, “Ant-Man” (engagingly directed by Peyton Reed) is light on its feet the way the standard-issue Marvel behemoths never are.

It’s got a vintage science fiction feel and a climactic scene in which Thomas the Tank Engine rather than a crowd of interstellar invaders plays a major part. Business as usual this is not.[/quote_box_center]

Rating: 5 stars From our reading of the review

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The Guardian (UK) Ant-Man review by Peter Bradshaw

[quote_box_center]The real superpower of Marvel Studios’ incredible shrinking insect is simply the hilarity of his size.

The casting of Paul Rudd signals that intelligence, humour and self-deprecation are the priorities – a kind of cutely emollient smallness – as distinct from the sexy handsomeness or machismo of Chris Pratt, Jeremy Renner or Liam Hemsworth.

At its weakest, Ant-Man fails to digest the lumpy elements of comedy and conventional Marvel action.[/quote_box_center]

Rating: 3 stars

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Entertainment Weekly Ant-Man review by Chris Nashawaty

[quote_box_center]Rudd gooses the film to life with his scalpel-sharp comic timing and affable wiseguy charm.

Reed and Rudd’s film is proof that no matter how silly some ideas sound at first, good things often do come in small packages.[/quote_box_center]

Rating: B (4 Stars)

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Marvel’s Ant-Man – Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) ©2014 Marvel, photo by Zade Rosenthal

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