Flash, Season 2 - Grant Gustin
Flash, Season 2 - The Flash (Grant Gustin) ©2015 CW Network, photo by Jordon Nuttall

We have a new image for The Flash Season 2. The image is new but while the white lightning badge is new for this season you have already seen this in The Flash Season 1!

The Flash - Andrew Kreisberg
The Flash Writer and executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg ©2015 CW Network

Writer and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said at a convention in April that he said not enough people noticed the different color on Barry’s chest in Episode 17. We saw this when the Flash was fighting Reverse Flash.

At the same convention Andrew mentioned some of the villains we will see in Season 2, “Mirror Master, Doctor Alchemy, and “one that hopefully people will lose their minds over.”

The CW Network will launch its new shows 2015-16 season in October, featuring the ‘sophomore’ debut of the network’s highest-rated series The Flash.

The CW network has have already released a trailer and this new image ahead of the tv show showcase of The Television Critics Association (TCA) meeting. This runs from July 27th to August 13th 2015 with the network’s day on August 11th.

The Flash returns for Season Two on Tuesday, October 6th 2015.

The Flash Season 2 – Tease

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