Doctor Who Series 9
Doctor Who Series 9 Official Trailer - ©2015 BBC

Here’s the latest Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer which in some ways is similar to the previous trailer but there are man new scenes including inside the Dalek city with a range of Daleks to see.

We have the now familiar brass Daleks along with two black versions of there which we have not seen before. We also have the big red Emperor Dalek with the gold clamps around his head.

Then there are some silver Daleks with blue balls that we first saw back in 1963 in the second story with William Hartnell’s Doctor. There is also the slatted version of these with black tops. We saw these in a Patrick Troughton’s Doctor story Power of the Daleks.

And finally we have spotted the Gunner Dalek from Sylvester McCoy’s Time. He is difficult to see as he is mostly hidden behind another Dalek.

There is of course much more to see including The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) getting closer, more of Maisie Williams’s character and Missy (Michelle Gomez) not looking too happy infront of a Dalek.

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