Maigret - The legendary French detective Jules Maigret, (Rowan Atkinson) ©2015 ITV, photo by John Rogers

Maigret has started it’s production with filming in Budapest with it’s legendary 1950’s French fictional detective Jules Maigret played by Rowan Atkinson.

Maigret – The legendary French detective Jules Maigret, (Rowan Atkinson) ©2015 ITV, photo by John Rogers

The formidable character of Jules Maigret is know for his laconic manner, heavy coat and trademark pipe. He first appeared in print in 1931 by author Georges Simenon, who wrote 75 Maigret novels. He is considered one of the greatest writers of the 20th century –selling around a billion books worldwide to date.

There are two, 120 minute, television movies being made. The first is Maigret Sets A Trap is adapted from the Simenon novel Maigret tend un piège. The second film Maigret’s Dead Man is based on Maigret et son mort.

Star Rowan Atkinson will play the dramatic role of Jules Maigret, the magnificently measured and insightful French detective. He is worldwide-renowned star in both actoring and comedy. Rowan is best known for portraying iconic characters such as Johnny English, Blackadder and Mr Bean and we can see he will bring a magical air to the character.

Rowan spoke of his role as Maigret back in February when the series was announced, saying “I have been a devourer of the Maigret novels for many years and I’m very much looking forward to playing such an intriguing character, at work in Paris during a fascinating period in its history”.

Maigret Sets A Trap cast

In addition to Rowan Atkinson the first tv movie also stars:-

  • Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter, True Blood)
  • Aiden McCardle (Mr Selfridge, The Mill)
  • Shaun Dingwall (Silent Witness, Death In Paradise)
  • Lucy Cohu (Broadchurch)
  • Leo Starr (Call The Midwife, Lewis)
  • Rufus Wright (Miranda, Doctors)
  • Hugh Simon (The Mill, MI-5)
  • David Dawson (Ripper Street, Peaky Blinders)
  • Colin Mace (Doctors, Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies)
  • Rebecca Night (Starlings)

The two Maigret stories have a screenplay by Stewart Harcourt who is know for Love & Marriage, Treasure Island, and Marple.

ITV have commissioned the tv movies and will air them in the UK. BBC Worldwide will oversee it everywhere else in the world, which includes USA, Canada and Australia. The air date has yet to be announced.