Doctor Who, 902 - Peter Capaldi and Daleks
Doctor Who, 902 "The Witch’s Familiar" - The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) with 3 original Daleks and a black headed one from the third Dalek story ©2015 BBC Worldwide, photo by Simon Ridgway

Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 2 “The Witch’s Familiar” brings the Daleks full-on judging from the stills released.

Despite the lack of much real plot in the first story we are hopeful the second and concluding episode of the Davros story will redress that.

We have marked this article as a spoiler because of course we get to see Missy (Michelle Gomez) and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman). You probably guessed this but we did it just if case you would rather not have it confirmed and therefore it might be a spoiler?

Unfortunately we all have come to realise if current show runner Steven Moffat is involved, death does not mean death. We all remember poor Rory died so many times only to reappear. Rather takes the edge of it!

Doctor Who 902 – Image Gallery

In the pictures are Bronze Daleks, Peter Capaldi, Original Daleks, Jenna Coleman, Third Dalek story Dalek, Michelle Gomez, Supreme Dalek and also the Gunner Dalek! Click on an image for a larger view. Use arrow keys to scroll through the gallery.

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