Doctor Who 904 "Before the Flood" - The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) with The Fisher King ©2015 BBC Worldwide

With Doctor Who 904 due to air later today we have video of showrunner Steven Moffat teasing us with some titbits of information and a clip of the episode.

The story is set on a remote Army outpost with a fearsome alien warlord – the Fisher King – how has sets in motion a twisted plan to ensure his own survival.

This new episode is 45 minutes long (not including ad breaks), episode 4 of 12 and concludes the second story this season and stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

Sonic Screwdriver

We have also have Steven giving an explanation on why the Sonic Screwdriver have been replaced with Sunglasses. Despite what he says we think that real reason maybe that the BBC has just realised that they need to pay Victor Pembleton for it use after all of these years.

Victor wrote the Patrick Troughton story ‘Fury from the Deep‘ where the Sonic Screwdriver was first used. Unlike other writers who came up with new monsters we understand that he has not been paid anything for its use in subsequent stories…