Jekyll and Hyde 102 - Tom Bateman
Jekyll and Hyde (2015 itv) 102 - Jekyll and Hyde (Tom Bateman) ©2015 ITV Studios, photo by Des Willie

In Jekyll and Hyde 102 Robert wakes up in Bella’s room in The Empire, not as Hyde, but as Jekyll and his injuries have miraculously healed…

Does Jekyll and Hyde 102 follow on from the controversial start of episode 1? It’s 6:30pm start promoted about 450 people (out of 65 million!) to complain about the horror elements of the programme. This stylish series has nothing to worry about as children will love the Harry Potter type mixture and the rest of the adults will appreciate it’s depth and production values. Maybe those 450 will be in bed by this episodes start of 7pm!

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In the gallery as stars Tom Bateman, Stephanie Hyam, Charlie Hinson, Donald Sumpter, Natalie Gumede, Richard E Grant, Tom Rhys Harries, Enzo Client and Nick Moss. Click on an image for a larger view. Use arrow keys to scroll through the gallery.

Jekyll and Hyde 102 “Mr Hyde” Official Lowdown


Flashback to Ceylon: Captain Dance interrogates Robert’s foster parents, demanding to know where Robert is? In the chaos Ravi, Robert’s younger brother, escapes into the night and straight into the arms of the Police – who arrest him.

Robert wakes up in Bella’s room in The Empire, not as Hyde, but as Jekyll. His injuries have miraculously healed. Not knowing where to turn to he visits Lily. She persuades him that the answers to his personal mystery may lie with his inheritance. So they explore the old Jekyll house with Max Utterson.

In Ceylon Ravi trusts no one and refuses to cooperate with the Police. Now his one purpose is to get to England and fulfill his father’s promise to give Robert his true family history. So when a fellow prisoner escapes – naturally enough Ravi tries to escape too.

Meanwhile, Bulstrode and MIO have news of Dance’s outrage in Ceylon. They know the Captain is en route for London and hatch a plan to use Robert as bait in a Tenebrae trap. Dance, for his part, has his focus firmly on Jekyll and is on a determined mission.

When Robert shares his tales of the previous night, Max is determined to go and play detective. He escorts Robert to ‘The Empire’ and uncovers the fact that ‘Garson’ was lab assistant to Robert’s grandfather. Garson refuses to crack under questioning, but when he heads home after work he’s cornered by Dance’s hired assassins. Hyde swoops in to save the old man, but not out of charity: Hyde wants answers.