Downton Abbey 608 -and Paparazzi (Jake Rowley) and Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nicol) ©2015 Carnival Film & Television, photo by Nick Briggs

In Downton Abbey 608 Romance blossoms but a betrayal of trust threatens the chance of lasting happiness and Mrs Patmore’s bed and breakfast attracts unwanted attention.

This is the end of the run of the main episodes of Series 6. After this UK viewers have just a very final special with the Crawleys airing at Christmas to look forward to. The US viewers will have to wait until January, 2016 when PBS will start screening Series 6.

Series 6 Episode 8 of 8. UK Transmission: Sunday November 8th, 2014 at 9.00pm – 10.00pm on ITV. 

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Stars featured in the picture gallery include Jim Carter, Joanne Froggatt, Michael Fox, Phyllis Logan, Sophie McShera, Lesley Nicol and Jake Rowley. Click on an image for a larger view. Use arrow keys to scroll through the gallery.

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Bertie’s circumstances change suddenly, leaving Edith uncertain whether to risk telling him the truth or keep her past a secret at all costs.

Mary wonders if she can ever make peace with her sister as hostilities escalate, Spratt shows some hidden talents and Molesley’s first day as a teacher does not go according to plan.

Mrs Patmore’s bed and breakfast attracts unwanted attention, leaving her in need of the Crawleys’ help.

Thomas considers some desperate measures.

Downton Abbey is written and created by Julian Fellowes. Series 6 Episode 8 was directed by David Evans. Executive Producers are Gareth Neame, Liz Trubridge, Julian Fellowes & Nigel Marchant. Produced by Chris Croucher.


Series 6 Principal Cast (in alphabetical order):-

Lady Rosamund Painswick Samantha Bond
Earl of Grantham, Robert Hugh Bonneville
Lady Edith Crawley Laura Carmichael
Mr Carson Jim Carter
Phyllis Baxter Raquel Cassidy
John Bates Brendan Coyle
Lady Mary Crawley Michelle Dockery
Joseph Molesley Kevin Doyle
Andy Parker Michael Fox
Anna Bates Joanne Froggatt
Henry Talbot Matthew Goode
Bertie Pelham Harry Hadden-Paton
Thomas Barrow Robert James-Collier
Gladys Denker Sue Johnston
Mrs Hughes Phyllis Logan
Countess of Grantham, Cora Elizabeth McGovern
Daisy Mason Sophie McShera
Mrs Patmore Lesley Nicol
Doctor Clarkson David Robb
Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet Maggie Smith
Septimus Spratt Jeremy Swift
Isobel Crawley Penelope Wilton
The Children
Master George Oliver and Zac Barker
Miss Marigold Eva & Karina Samms