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Jekyll and Hyde (2015 itv) 103 - Jekyll and Hyde (Tom Bateman) ©2015 ITV Studios, photo by Des Willie

In Jekyll and Hyde 103 Robert makes sense of his grandfather experiments and feels that perhaps medication can be a permanent cure for him…

And the fearsome Cutter is about be to moved from MIO’s holding cells but Silas and his team are here to cause trouble.

This episode first airs in the UK on Sunday November 8th 2015.

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In the gallery as stars Michael Karim, Tom Bateman, Richard E Grant, Stephanie Hyam, Sinead Cusack, Amit Shah, Natalie Gumede, Ruby Bentall and Chrsitian Mackay. Click on an image for a larger view. Use arrow keys to scroll through the gallery.

Jekyll and Hyde 103 “The Cutter” Official Lowdown


Old Jekyll’s experiments make perfect sense to Robert now. Robert’s grandfather discovered how to split a man in two. So, if his grandfather did it to himself with medication, then perhaps medication can be a permanent cure for Robert? Garson is skeptical. There’s a rare and missing ingredient called monocane. So when Garson searches the lab and finds a secret tunnel with some old dusty bottles in it, Robert is hopeful.

Dance arrives in England. Dance has enough monocane to control Jekyll including a fatal dose if needs be, as Dance demonstrates on a hapless henchmen. Dance’s aura is also agitating the monsters in MIO’s holding cells and Bulstrode informs his men they will need to be moved – including the fearsome Cutter.

Without any medication Robert is struggling to suppress his Hyde side. So when Lily shows up at his house Robert is terrified she will see his alter ego. Robert persuades Garson to tie him up in the lab and takes his own drastic measures – drinking his grandfather’s dusty potion – while Garson fends Lilly off. It’s a gesture that convinces Garson of Robert’s good intentions. Now the old man is willing to tell Robert what he knows about his grandmother, Maggie Kendall. Robert immediately goes to Max and Hils and tasks them with finding a needle in a haystack. Where is Maggie? Is she even alive?

Meanwhile in Ceylon, Ravi unearths a cache of secret files about Robert.

After his close shave with Lily, Robert seeks her out and tries to break off contact. Lily’s having none of it and insists that whatever troubles he has, she can help. Quite specifically she can help with his medical research.

At the Empire, Hils surprises Bella by besting her in a drinking contest and extracts some key information about Maggie. Robert, Max, Hils and Garson duly set off to the countryside to track her down. When they arrive at Maggie’s lonely farmhouse, Maggie denies her identity. Then Silas arrives. Silas and his team have snatched the Cutter out of jail and they are here to cause trouble.


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