In Thunderbirds Are Go 123 Colonel Martin Janus takes over the Global Defence Force (GDF), imposing a strict set of restrictions on International Rescue – but is he all he seems?

This episode works in to the plot a classic Thunderbirds story line, that of a skyscraper about to collapse. Airs in the UK on Saturday January 2nd 2015. It is the tenth of the second batch of 13 episodes of Season 1’s 26 episodes.

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Thunderbirds Are Go 123 “Chain of Command” – Lowdown

A series of mishaps nearly ends in disaster during a joint operation between International Rescue and the Global Defense Force (GDF). In the wake of the botched mission, Colonel Martin Janus takes over the GDF.

In the interim, Janus imposes a strict set of restrictions on the Thunderbirds and forces them to ask permission before beginning any rescue operation.

Lady Penelope and Parker attempt to reason with Janus, and in doing so discover that the man is not who he claims to be. All this comes to a head when the Thunderbirds disobey Janus and attempt to stabilize an under-construction skyscraper that is poised to fall into a rapidly expanding sinkhole.

Before Janus can interfere, Colonel Casey rushes in with a GDF squad to place the imposter under arrest.

Later, it is revealed that Janus was an imposter working for The Hood all along.

Cast and Crew
Rasmus Hardiker
Scott and Alan Tracy
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
John Tracy
Angel Coulby
Adjoa Andoh
Colonel Casey
Rosamund Pike
Lady Penelope
David Graham
David Menkin
Virgil and Gordon Tracy
Kayvan Novak
Brains & Janius
Sandra Dickinson
Grandma Tracy
Teresa Gallagher
GDF Lieutenant
Andres Williams
The Hood
Joe Kuhr
Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Original Authors
Rob Hoegee
Head Writer
David Scott
Giles Ridge
Executive Producer