Jekyll and Hyde (2015 itv) 101 - Jekyll and Hyde (Tom Bateman) ©2015 ITV Studios, photo by Steve Brown

It is being reported that ITV’s high quality production of Jekyll and Hyde will not have a second season due to complaints depictions of violence and disturbing scenes however we feel a bigger factor is likely to have been low viewing figures.

Jekyll and Hyde (2015 itv) 103 – Jekyll and Hyde (Tom Bateman) ©2015 ITV Studios, photo by Des Willie

The nature of the programme did seem at odds with the 6:30pm/7pm slot. Tom Bateman’s Jekyll / Hyde often had quite violet fight’s and the show’s horror aspects were certainly not underplayed. The first episode got 800 complaints about violence and disturbing scenes while another episode unfortunately had a gunfight just after the terror attacks in Paris and was postponed a week.

The actual viewing figures tell a more compelling story, with episode one having over 4 million viewers falling to 1.7 million with episode four.

The program was nicely produced with great style, acting and high production values. The storyline had interesting ideas but it did seem to be missing a really clear progression to the casual viewer. Long term viewers where rewarded with an interesting ride although the last scene did beg for a second season!

Jekyll and Hyde (2015 itv) 101 – Bulstrode (Richard E Grant) and Sackler (Tom Rhys Harris) ©2015 ITV Studios, photo by Des Willie