Beauty and the Beast 411 - Austin Basis and Jay Ryan
Beauty and the Beast, 411 "Meet The New Beast" - JT (Austin Basis) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) © 2016 The CW Network, photo by Ben Mark Holzberg

The next new episode for the show is Beauty and the Beast 411 “Meet the New Beast” where Vincent and Catherine get a blast from the past.

This coming week has a three-night special event occupying the shows normal slot. The programming is called My Last Days which is billed as uplifting documentary series. It follows courageous people facing one of life’s most difficult challenges, a terminal illness. This starts on Wednesday, August 17th 2016. Hence you have to wait a bit longer than normal for the new episode of Beauty and the Beast.

As there will be no new seasons of Beauty and the Beast we are now counting down the episodes. This story is the first of the three remaining episodes to be shown. Sad days for die hard fans as this will be the last ever for the show. 🙁

Beauty and the Beast 411 “Meet the New Beast” Trailer

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Beauty and the Beast 411 Meet the New Beast Official Lowdown


Vincent And Cat Consider Life On The Run

Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) discover they lost control of their secret, they finally admit it might be time for life on the run.

Vincent realizes he must face his past, while Cat worries about how much they have to lose.

Austin Basis, Nicole Gale Anderson, Nina Lisandrello and Michael Roark also star.

David Makin directed the episode, written by Patti Carr and Lara Olsen.

This episode #411 will be first broadcast on Thursday August 25th 2016.



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