Arrival - Poster: Shanghai China, take 2!
Arrival - Poster: Shanghai China coordinates, take 2! ©2016 Paramount Pictures

Paramount some how managed to mix up Hong Kong with Shanghai in a batch of 12 publicity posters for the upcoming film Arrival.

Following the release of the Arrival twelve posters there was puzzlement from those living in Hong Kong. The posters had featured the Alien Craft hovering above various places around the world. The poster labelled Shanghai however, although featuring the famous Shanghai building, had Hong Kong with Kowloon in the background!


The slap-dash error annoyed many Hong Kong social media users. As you may know Hong Kong is a former British colony which was returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1997. Many people in the area hold on to their separate Hong Kong identity and it was this that resulted in their outrage.

You might like to check out more on social media for yourself by searching for #HongKongisnotChina.

Some, however, saw the funny side of this and had fun with the idea:-

On Facebook Jansen Leung wrote “All political issues aside, this showed that the production team of this movie either had no attention to details, or thought the audience would be too foolish to notice. It’s an insult either way.”

Mixup Puzzle

What seems to be a puzzle is if you are making up the posters and check out source material why would you even think of mixing up two locations? OK we liked this particular graphic and used it as the main picture for our Arrival article, and missed the mixup.

No one here has been to Shanghai and the Hong Kong/ Kowloon skyline has changed a lot since I last visited. So it is, perhaps, also understandable that it passed through Paramount’s US based producers?

On the film’s Facebook page yesterday they put up the following message:-


An error in one in a series of posters for Arrival was made by a third party vendor. The wrong art depicted in this specific poster has been replaced with the correct art. We are disappointed to have not caught the error.


New Arrival poster

Here is the original Shanghai poster and as you can see the coordinates where definitely wrong…

Arrival - Poster: Shanghai China
Poster: Shanghai China coordinates ©2016 Paramount Pictures

This, below, is the new Shanghai poster in full…

Arrival - Poster: Shanghai China, take 2!
Arrival – Poster: Shanghai China coordinates ©2016 Paramount Pictures

Only trouble now is the people of Hong Kong don’t have a Arrival poster. Maybe that it good? Do you really want a big Alien ship hovering above you?