Here’s an exclusive Pictorial Teaser for Victoria Episode 5 “An Ordinary Woman”. Melbourne (Rufus Sewell) finally gives Victoria (Jenna Coleman) the approval she’s been seeking for her marrage to Albert (Tom Hughes).

Victoria Episode 5 - Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes
Victoria Episode 5 “An Ordinary Woman” – Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Albert (Tom Hughes) ©2016 Mammoth Screen / ITV
Victoria Episode 5 - Rufus Sewell
Victoria Episode 5 “An Ordinary Woman” – Melbourne (Rufus Sewell) ©2016 Mammoth Screen / ITV

The episode airs in the UK on September 18th 2016. US viewers will have to wait for PBS airing with the series starting in January 2017.

Victoria Episode 5 “An Ordinary Woman” Pictorial Teaser Video

Victoria Episode 5 “An Ordinary Woman” Official Lowdown

In the precious stolen moments before Albert leaves for Coburg, he asks Victoria to secure a title and settlement for him before they marry. Victoria however is more preoccupied with telling Melbourne of her engagement.

In Coburg, Albert fears for his future in England. The husband to the most powerful woman in the world but without financial independence.

Victoria meanwhile has let paranoia reign and has convinced herself that Albert only wants the money to support a mistress on the side.

Then Melbourne finally gives Victoria the approval of her fiancé she’s been seeking. At last she and Albert confront their deepest fears about married life.

Victoria says her last farewell to Melbourne before she and Albert nervously prepare for their wedding night.