Pictorial Teaser of Victoria Episode 6 “The Queen’s Husband” where Albert is seeking a role to make himself valuable.

The episode airs in the UK on September 25th 2016. US viewers will have to wait for PBS airing with the series starting in January 2017.

Victoria Episode 6 “The Queen’s Husband” Pictorial Teaser Video

Victoria Episode 6 “The Queen’s Husband” Official Lowdown

Victoria Episode 6 - Tom Hughes
Victoria Episode 6 “The Queen’s Husband” – Albert (Tom Hughes) ©2016 Mammoth Screen / ITV

With no real role in the household, Albert (Tom Hughes) feels worthless. Matters are made worse when the Duke of Sussex (David Bamber) refuses to let him take precedence at dinner.

Whilst a dejected Albert hopes that an heir might garner more respect, Victoria is determined to out manoeuvre Sussex. She wants to give Albert the esteem he deserves.

Below stairs, the servants gossip over when to expect the first Royal baby. One of the servants, Skerrett (Nell Hudson), is also facing a dilemma. The only person who can save her cousin and small child from imminent death is the person she trusts the least – Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley).

Albert has his own ideas about how to make himself valuable. So he decides to open the anti-slavery convention and nervously prepares his speech.

Victoria Episode 6 - Jenna Coleman
Victoria Episode 6 “The Queen’s Husband” – Victoria (Jenna Coleman) ©2016 Mammoth Screen / ITV