Thunderbirds Are Go, Season 2 - 'Ghost Ship'' Clip
Thunderbirds Are Go, Season 2 'Ghost Ship'' - Clip ©2016 ITV

As I am sure you know, International Rescue returns with Thunderbirds Are Go Season 2, this October on ITV and CITV.

You maybe able to watch an ITV First Look exclusive clip from “Ghost Ship” if you’re lucky. Seems something is wrong with the link on YouTube at present (Link now OK). We have also included a link to UK’s ITV’s website. Even this proved tricky originally.

The episode stars Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, Die Another Day) as Captain Ridley O’Bannon. Rosamund, of course, also voices Lady Penelope in the series.

If you were into the original all model puppet version then the CGI characters take a bit of getting use to. It also, some how, seems much more like a kid show than the original. It is, however, full of creativity and some great Science Fiction ideas.

We can’t wait for the brand new series but hopefully not long now. We were expecting it in the first half of October 2016 but it is still not confirmed. 🙁
UPDATE: CITV are currently showing a repeat of Season 1 Episode 23 “Chain of Command” on Sunday September 25th 2016. We expect them to complete the season. So October 22nd/23rd 2016 would seem the likely start date for Season 2.

Thunderbirds Are Go Season 2 First Look Clip

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