Here is the first picture from the highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049. The film has Harrison Ford reprising his 1982 role in Blade Runner. This new film will be released exactly in one year’s time!

Blade Runner 2049 is being directed by Denis Villeneuve. He is know for his movies Arrival, Sicario and Prisoners.

Blade Runner 2049 Background

Blade Runner – Behind the scenes, Director Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford, who plays Rick Deckard, on set ©2016 The Blade Runner Partnership

The sequel is set several decades after the 1982 original. While we have Harrison Ford is reprising his iconic role, of Rick Deckard, Ryan Gosling will also star.

The original film is credited with establishing the grubby futuristic vision. This look has been followed by many science fiction films since and is still today an inspiration.

Screenplay is written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green following on from the initial films story by Fancher and David Peoples. All this is based on Philip K Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Unsurprisingly further story details are not yet being revealed!

The film’s opening, as you have no doubt worked out, is on October 6th 2017. It will be distributed by Warner Bros in North America. Sony Pictures Releasing International will distribute in all media for all overseas territories. Alcon Entertainment is behind this sequel to the original 1982 movie Blade Runner.

Blade Runner 2049 – Director Denis Villeneuve, Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling on the set ©2016 Alcon Entertainment/ Warner Bros Pictures Release, photo by Stephen Vaughan

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