We checked out Thunderbirds Are Go at London’s Harrods Store where the toys are on display leading up to the showing of Season Two. Our video of the toy store display can be found below.

Always worth a visit is the upmarket store Harrods, in Knightbridge London. Currently it has a dedicated Thunderbirds Are Go installation in its Toy Kingdom.

Harrods ©2016 Steve Payne

Showcasing Thunderbirds Are Go at London’s Harrods

The area has eye-catching Point of Sale with screens showing trailers teasing the second season. This section, which opened on September 26th, is centered around a ‘re-creation’ of the Thunderbird 2 runway from Tracy Island.

Toys from Vivid Imaginations and Spin Master are among the various Thunderbird items showcased. In addition there are vehicle cushions from High Resolution Design!

Those in London only have until 23rd October 2016 as the main display will then be taken down. So if your in the area you don’t have long to check it out. If you don’t you may find you feeling like our Youtube viewer Phoebe Gardiner. She is in New Zealand, where they make much of the show, but she told us “I wish Nz had a full shop of thunderbirds things?”.

Thunderbirds Are Go Season Two first airs in the UK on ITV on Saturday October 22nd 2016 with two episodes previewing the season. CITV will air the show on Sundays with the first Season two episode showing on October 23rd 2016.

Thunderbirds Are Go at London’s Harrods Store, Video