There was a Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Clip presented on last night’s BBC charity event for ‘Children in Need”

Children In Need 2016 – The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) in a segment shot especially for the Fantastic Beast segment ©2016 BBC

Unfortunately it seems to have left many people underwhelmed. To us the Fantastic Beasts segment with Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) was far more enjoyable. We even had a piece in this specially shot of The Doctor (Peter Capaldi). So if you want to what you make of it you can check out the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Clip, below.

Regardless what you make of the trailer you may still like to give to the cause and you can do so with this link here:-

Doctor Who Christmas 2016, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” – Lucy (Charity Wakefield), the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Nardole (Matt Lucas) ©2016 BBC

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Clip

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Official Lowdown


This Christmas on BBC One, the Doctor joins forces with a comic-book superhero. Set in New York for a heroic special written by Steven Moffat, titled ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’.

The show is a family favourite on Christmas day. In the episode the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, join forces with an investigative journalist. She will be played by Charity Wakefield of Wolf Hall and The Player) fame. The Doctor will also join forces with a superhero. Together they will try to save New York from a deadly alien threat!

Steven Moffat, Writer and Executive Producer, says: “I’ve always loved superheroes and this Christmas Doctor Who dives into that world”. Steven adds, “My favourite superhero is Clark Kent. Not Superman, Clark Kent.”

Justin Chatwin (Orphan Black, War of the Worlds) plays Grant in the special. He says: “Working with the amazing people at Doctor Who has been one of the most fun and rewarding projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved with.”

Matt Lucas (Nardole) will also be joining the cast of the special with Adetomiwa Edun (Lucifer, Bates Motel), Aleksandar Jovanovic and Logan Hoffman.

It is written by Steven Moffat and executive Produced by Brian Minchin. Produced by Peter Bennett and Directed by Ed Bazalgette (Poldark). The special was shot in Cardiff at BBC Wales Roath Lock Studios.

The 60 minute (without ads) Doctor Who Christmas Special will air on BBC One (and BBC America) on Christmas day.


Children In Need 2016 – The Super hero symbol ©2016 BBC
Children In Need 2016 – Grant (Justin Chatwin) ©2016 BBC

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