The varied and dramatic Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer was released as the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 concluded in the UK this Christmas Day.

It returns in April 2017 with a new season starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. For Steven Moffat it is his final outing as show runner.

Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer – Nardole (Matt Lucas and Bill (Pearl Mackie) ©2016 BBC

Joining Peter in the cast will be Pearl Mackie as the Doctor’s new companion Bill and along with now series regular Matt Lucas as Nardole.

The first episode is written by Steven Moffat, executive produced by Brian Minchin, produced by Peter Bennett and directed by Lawrence Gough.

Doctor Who Series 10 additional writers

Three other writers have been named for this season. They include award-winning screenwriter Frank Cottrell-Boyce. Frank is a screenwriter, novelist and occasional actor. He is known for his children’s fiction and for his collaborations with film director Michael Winterbottom.

Another is Sarah Dollard who was the writer of episode of Doctor Who Series 9 Face the Raven). Sarah was assistant script editor on Merlin in 2009. In 2011 she took on the script editor role for Season 4 & 5 of Primeval. So does this mean some magic, dinosaurs or both?

Doctor Who 910 “Face the Raven” – Ashildr (Maisie Williams) and Rigsy (Joivan Wade) ©2015 BBC Worldwide

The third named writer is Mike Bartlett. He wrote the multi award-winning Doctor Foster tv drama. The story for that involved a GP whose husband was having an affair. The story involved twists and turns in the plot with dramatic ‘I don’t believe it’ cliffhangers that made you anxious for the next episode! This style of writing could work well for Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Season 10 – Pearl Mackie on location filming the first block of the series ©2016 BBC. photo by Simon Ridgway

So the series regulars will star actors Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Pearl Mackie (new companion Bill) and Matt Lucas (Nardole). It’s lead writer and executive producer will be Steven Moffat for his final season. Executive producer is Brian Minchin.

Doctor Who Season 10 – The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) ©2016 BBC. photo by Ray Burmiston

Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer

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Doctor Who Season 10 – New companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) ©2016 BBC. photo by Ray Burmiston