The second series continues with Thunderbirds Are Go 213 “Escape Proof”. In the episode we have a mysterious tunneling vehicle which causes a worker to be trapped…

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Thunderbirds Are Go Season 2 Episode 13 will first air on UK’s ITV Saturday January 7th 2017 at 9:30pm – 10:00pm with a second showing on CITV on Sunday January 8th 2017.

Thunderbirds Are Go 213 “Escape Proof” – Gallery

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Thunderbirds Are Go 213 “Escape Proof” – Clips

Penelope Discovers The Mechanic’s Plan
Following a path set by The Mechanic, Penelope and John discover who he is heading towards.

Gordon and Virgil Search for the Buried Plumber
They race against the clock to find the right pipe and save plumber ‘Horse’.

Thunderbirds Are Go 213 “Escape Proof” – Official Lowdown


Season 2 Episode 13 – “Escape Proof”

A mysterious tunneling vehicle leaves a worker trapped in its wake and it’s up to Gordon and Virgil to free him. Parker and Penelope meanwhile track down the digger and discover The Mechanic at the controls.

On the trail of the Mechanic, Lady Penelope and Parker stumble upon a massive tunnel starting in an abandoned building. Cries for help deep within tell them someone is trapped inside it.

Virgil and Gordon take a Pod into the tunnel where they discover a worker pinned inside the wreckage of an adjacent building. While they begin excavation, Lady Penelope and Parker take FAB 1 deeper into the tunnel. Here they find The Mechanic is using a powerful vehicle known as the ANT-LION to dig his way beneath Parkmoor Scrubs Prison.

The Hood’s Escape plan

The Hood and his entire cell are swallowed whole. Once the Hood has been released, the Antlion races back out the same way it came in, with FAB 1 caught in front of it.

Virgil meanwhile must hurry to free the worker from a tangled web of pipes and wires before the Ant-Lion smashes through them.

Just as everyone makes it to the surface and the Antlion selfdestructs, the Mechanic and Hood part company on unfriendly terms.


Thunderbirds Are Go, Season 2 - Andres Williams
Thunderbirds Are Go, Season 2 – The Hood (voiced by Andres Williams) ©2017 ITV
Cast and Crew (TBC)
Omid Djalili
Horse Williams
Rosamund Pike
Lady Penelope
David Graham
David Menkin
Virgil & Gordon Tracy
Adjoa Andoh
Colonel Casey
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
John Tracy
Andres Williams
The Hood
Chris Jarman
The Mechanic & GDF Lieutenant
Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Original Authors
Rich Fogel
Rob Hoegee
Head Writer
Theo Baynton
Giles Ridge
Executive Producer