Here is a exclusive Pictorial Teaser Video for Victoria Season 1 Episode 4 titled “The Clockwork Prince. In the episode Albert (Tom Hughes) pays a visit against the queen’s (Jenna Coleman) wishes and meets royal disdain. Where could it possibly lead?

Meanwhile, the mystery of Miss Skerrett’s past deepens…

Victoria Episode 4 “The Clockwork Prince” Pictorial Teaser video

Victoria Episode 4 “The Clockwork Prince” Lowdown


Victoria and Albert manage to offend each other within minutes of his arrival. Albert’s brother Ernest encourages him to flirt, but Albert is utterly humiliated by the situation. His unease around Victoria manifests as moody insolence. At least that’s how she interprets it when she complains to Melbourne.

Secretly hoping to impress Albert, Victoria transports the household to Windsor. There the tension between Victoria, Melbourne and Albert escalates. As she grapples to understand her feelings she must ask herself what she wants. Whether it’s the flattery Melbourne has hitherto reassured her with, or if she is ready for the challenging truth which Albert represents…

Below stairs, the Royal servants clash. The Coburg princes’ haughty valet Lohlein and a girl called Eliza turns up at the palace. She is asking Skerrett for money and insinuating that she is not who she says she is.


Victoria Episode 4 “The Clockwork Prince” first airing dates

UK on ITV: Sunday September 4th, 2016
US on PBS: Sunday January 29th, 2017

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