On March 16th 2017 the digital entertainment network Crackle premieres a new one-hour action/drama Snatch which is based loosely on the popular movie of the same name.

Inspired by a real life heist in London, Snatch spotlights a group of twenty-something hustlers who stumble on a truck of gold bullion and find themselves ensconced in a treacherous world of organized crime.

Luke Pasqualino (The Borgias) stars as Albert Hill, with Rupert Grint (Harry Potter franchise) portraying his rich friend and crime partner, Charlie Cavendish. The series also stars Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) as Sonny Castillo, a local crime lord.

Rupert and Ed came to the TV Critics tour to talk about their new 10-episode series, which can be found at http://www.crackle.com

You are pretty young, do you remember anything from watching the movie when you were kids or teens? Were you fans of the original?

Snatch, 101 - Ed Westwick
Snatch, 101 “All That Glitters” – Sonny Castillo (Ed Westwick) ©2017 Sony, photo by Matt Squire/Crackle

Ed: Absolutely, (I was a) huge fan of the film. From scene to scene, it was iconic. It was such (a talking point) on the playground, and amongst my friends and throughout life. It’s iconic.

I don’t know if (that’s true) just for the UK, or around the globe. It’s Snatch, and it’s a privilege to take it and create our own new (version of it), if you will.

Rupert: Yeah. Like Ed was saying, I was a huge fan. It’s this iconic cult classic, and it must be one of the most quoted.

Snatch, 103 - Rupert Grint
Snatch, 103 – Charlie Cavendish (Rupert Grint) ©2017 Sony, photo by Matt Squire/Crackle

The two of you have played iconic characters in your past. Is there an extra level to this for you, not only defining something that’s already iconic, but also getting away from the famous roles that you’ve already developed for yourselves?

Rupert: It’s something I really relish. I haven’t had the opportunity since “Potter” to have a character and really develop it further and carve out a journey. The long format is something that is great.

With Snatch, you can create a journey with the characters. It’s something the film (can’t) really touch on. I find it very exciting, and it’s great to be part of, and I’m very proud to be in.

Ed: I don’t really approach work by looking backwards. What I’ve done is what I’ve done, and what’s in front of me is what’s in front of me.

With this, I got and read the script and I was a big fan of it instantly. It was like a match made in heaven. So I (said), ‘Sign me up. Let’s do it.’ It was fantastic.

I can’t wait to see where it all goes, and I look forward to everyone else being able to see it.

Snatch, 101 - Phoebe Dynevor and Ed Westwick
Snatch, 101 “All That Glitters” – Lotti Mott (Phoebe Dynevor) and Sonny Castillo (Ed Westwick) ©2017 Sony, photo by Matt Squire/Crackle

Ed, can you talk about the accent you use in the series?

Ed: I play a Cuban-born Miami gangster. Obviously I’m not from that part of the world. So I spent a fair bit of time looking for different people who (the character) was based on.

I settled on Pitbull, the rapper. I don’t know if I actually end up sounding like him, but it felt like a good fit.

Snatch, 105 - Lucien Laviscount, Luke Pasqualino, Phoebe Dynevor and Rupert Grint
Snatch, 105 – Billy Ayres (Lucien Laviscount), Albert Hill (Luke Pasqualino), Lotti Mott (Phoebe Dynevor) and Charlie Cavendish (Rupert Grint) ©2017 Sony, photo by Matt Squire/Crackle

Rupert, do you see them as good guys or bad guys?

Rupert: I would definitely say good guys. These characters are all trying to escape something, particularly from their home lives. They come from quite complicated home foundations.

With Charlie, he has these bohemian, hippie parents that have these weird sex parties and grow weed. So he’s always trying to escape that.

Obviously, when we get the gold, it changes things. We’re just small-time (scoundrels) and find ourselves in some really deep trouble that could have some lethal consequences.

It’s interesting how the characters deal with it in their different ways.

Ed: Their hearts are in the right place.

Rupert Grint Soundbyte

Rupert was asked if he thought his fan base from Harry Potter would follow him to this show, as it’s a lot more mature? Click play for his reply.

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