BBC America just released three pictures from Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 1 “The Pilot”.

Doctor Who Season 10 Ep1 Pictures

Two of the pictures are in the same corridor as we saw the Daleks in an earlier trailer. These two have both The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie). The other one centres on Bill. We think Bill’s friend Heather (Stephanie Hyam) is also in the picture with a glass in front of there face!

Doctor Who S10 Ep1 - Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie
Doctor Who Season 10 Ep1 “The Pilot” – Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) and Bill (Pearl Mackie) ©2017 BBC Worldwide
Doctor Who S10 Ep1 - Pearl Mackie
Doctor Who Season 10 Ep1 “The Pilot” – Bill (Pearl Mackie) ©2017 BBC Worldwide

The episode was originally titled “A Star in Her Eye” but is now officially “The Pilot”. This maybe a play on the word signifying the first of a new programme or more likely be Bill’s view of the Doctor piloting the time machine TARDIS.

The episode also features Nardole (Matt Lucas) whom we last saw in the Christmas Special 2016.

The episode is written by Steven Moffat and Directed by Lawrence Gough. First airs Saturday April 15th 2017 in both US and UK.

Doctor Who Season 10 Ep3 Actor David Olawale Ayinde

Actor David Olawale Ayinde is also credited as appearing in episode 3. We understand he is playing an Edwardian Working Class character. He has shared some of this pictures related to his appearance in the show which you can see below.

Doctor Who Season 10 Ep11-12 Finale

Finally a note to add about the Mondasian Cybermen in the picture we published yesterday. These are due to appear in the two part final of the season. As these drained the life every from William Hartnell’s Doctor. Who knows what is in store for Peter Capaldi’s?

I even seen speculation of a regenerate into a female Doctor for the Christmas Special? Or maybe a body swap with Missy? You never know what Steven Moffat might dream up to also end his tenure of the show!

Doctor Who 2000s Season 10 - Peter Capaldi with Mondasian Cybermen
Doctor Who 2000s Season 10 Episodes 11-12 – The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is pictured with the Mondasian Cybermen. These are the original version of the Doctors deadly enemies who hail from the planet Mondas and have not been seen in Doctor Who for over fifty years! ©2017 BBC America