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Beauty and the Beast – Belle’s Story

In the small town of Villeneuve there lives Belle (Emma Watson), a bright and spirited young woman. She goes about her daily chores, pondering the monotony of her provincial life.

Fiercely independent and preferring to keep to herself for the most part, Belle lives with her father, Maurice (Kevin Kline). She is a reclusive artist, and is an avid reader. Belle has dreams of adventure and romance in a world far beyond the confines of her French village. The town’s residents, however, are unsure what to think of her, for as virtuous and kind as she is beautiful, Belle remains a complete enigma.

When Maurice sets off for the market and is attacked by wolves and becomes lost in the woods. He stumbles upon the Beast’s castle, now darkened and iced over, where he takes refuge. But the Beast (Dan Stevens) is enraged to find him trespassing and takes him prisoner. Belle learns of her father’s disappearance and sets off in search of him. On coming face to face with the Beast, she pleads for his release, eventually trading her own freedom for her father’s.

Given their conflicted relationship, rife with animosity and resentment, romance appears out of the question. However Belle has a loving nature and the ability to see what other people cannot. She begins to sense the kind heart of the Prince within. The Beast can be generous, sharing his library with her. He is also chivalrous, placing his life in danger to protect her, and he makes her laugh…

Beauty and the Beast - Emma Watson
Beauty and the Beast – Emma Watson as Belle ©2017 Disney

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