In Doctor Who S10 Ep3 titled “Thin Ice” the Doctor and Bill arrive in London at the last of the great frost fairs where people have been vanishing on the ice!

Season 10 Episode 3 is due to first air on Saturday April 29th 2017.

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In Regency England, beneath the frozen Thames, something is stirring.

The Doctor and Bill arrive at the last of the great frost fairs, and find themselves investigating a string of impossible disappearances – people have been vanishing on the ice! Bill is about to discover that the past is more like her world than she expected, and that not all monsters come from outer space…

The Doctor is played by Peter Capaldi, Bill by Pearl Mackie and Nardole by Matt Lucas.

‘Thin Ice’ is written by Sarah Dollard and directed by Bill Anderson.


London’s Thames Frost Fair, in 1814, with St Paul’s cathedral in the background

London’s frost fairs – Historical Background

It is 202 years ago since the last of London’s “frost fairs”. These ‘festivals’ happened when the London’s river froze over and were a cross between a Christmas market, circus and illegal rave!

In the past the River Thames is known to have froze over at least 23 times. Five of these occasions the ice was thick enough to hold a fair. The last was in 1814 which from the story outline appears to be when this story is set.

The party on the frozen river had begun on February 1st 1814 and lasted for five days. The ice was thick enough to support printing presses churning out souvenirs. Oxen were roasted in front of roaring fires, drink was liberally taken and dances were held. An elephant was even marched across the river alongside Blackfriars Bridge!

London’s Thames Frost Fair near Temple in 1683/4 from a painting by Thomas Wyke

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