Here is the Doctor Who Series 10 Coming Soon Trailer. This aired tonight with Doctor Who Series 10 Episode 1. It includes The Doctor Regenerating and John Simm as the Master!

Peter Capaldi has been doing interviews saying he has already recorded his ‘death’. Well here it is. What actually the situation can not be certain. Peter also was telling he had the Christmas Special still to record. It looks like show runner Steven Moffat has some interesting twists ahead for us!

Your also note that John Simm has a goaty beard which has previously been the trade mark of the Master. It started back in the 1970’s with Roger Delgado’s Master. John Simm’s Master up until now had no beard.

Apparently the joke among some the production team at the time was that John’s master may not be wearing a beard but he had a wife. This referred to some old fashioned gay terminology about a gay man who went around with a woman. The woman has in the terminology was referred to as his beard, as she covered up he was gay. Yes someone had to explain the joke to me at the time also!

Doctor Who Series 10 Coming Soon Trailer

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Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online