Check out the Doctor Who S10 Ep8 Trailer ‘The Lie Of The Land’. We see that everyone in the world is suffering from mass delusion and only Bill Potts can see the truth.

God help us! Especially as Missy makes her second appearance of the Series.

Note this title ”The Lie Of The Land’ could be American English but this is a British series… Therefore the phrase should be ‘The lay of the land’. However nothing is accidental with show runner Steven Moffat. So ‘lie’ is referring to the mass delusion everyone, except Bill, is experiencing. Oh aren’t we clever!

However we can’t quite get over that the fait of the world in episode 7 was left up to an idiot. Mine you there a certain ‘orange’ person in real life. Damm!

Doctor Who Series 10 Episode 8 will air on Saturday June 3rd 2017 on BBC America in the US and on BBC One in the UK.

Doctor Who S10 Ep8 Trailer for ‘The Lie Of The Land’

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The Lie Of The Land

The world is gripped by a the mass delusion and only Bill Potts can see the truth.

When even the Doctor is fighting on the wrong side, it’s up to Bill to convince the Time Lord that humanity is in deadly danger. And if she can’t do that, she may just have to kill her best friend…

The Doctor is played by Peter Capaldi, Bill by Pearl Mackie and Nardole by Matt Lucas. Michelle Gomez guest stars as Missy.

‘The Lie Of The Land’ is written by Toby Whithouse and directed by Wayne Yip.