The second season finally continues on Saturday with Thunderbirds Are Go 214 “Volcano” with Brains and an eccentric scientist friend in danger.

The episode features actor and writer Mark Gatiss. He is known for League of Gentlemen, Doctor Who and Sherlock.

The last new episode aired in the UK on ITV back at the beginning of the year Saturday January 7th 2017. Since then the station has repeated the first season and the first half of the second.

Thunderbirds Are Go Season 2 Episode 14 will first air on UK’s ITV Saturday September 30th 2017 at 4:10pm – 4:40pm with a second showing on CITV on Sunday October 1st 2017.

The series is also available on Amazon Prime where they will be referring to this batch as Season 4!


Thunderbirds Are Go 214 “Volcano” – Lowdown

Season 2 Episode 14 – “Volcano”


An eccentric scientist has been predicting the eruption of a dormant volcano for years. He calls Brains out to the volcano that he believes will soon erupt. Turns out he was right.



Professor Quentin QuestaMark Gatiss
Scott TracyRasmus Hardiker
Virgil & Gordon TracyDavid Menkin
BrainsKayvan Novak
John TracyThomas Brodie-Sangster
Grandma TracySandra Dickinson
ConciergeAtli Gunnarsson

  Production Credits

WriterBenjamin Townsend
Head WriterRob Hoegee
Created byGerry & Sylvia Anderson
ComposersBarry Gray, Ben & Nick Foster
Voice DirectorDave Peacock
ProducersStuart Mcara & Teresa Reed
DirectorKarl Essex
Executive ProducersEstelle Hughes, Giles Ridge,
Clive Spink, & Richard Taylor