Also at the press conference for Once Upon a Time Season 7 was Dania Ramirez, who portrays Cinderella. Someone asked her if she as a child had ever considered that she would play such an iconic fairytale character.

Once Upon a Time Soundbyte

Dania Ramirez aka Cinderella Gallery

Once Upon A Time, Season 7 Lowdown


ABC’s Once Upon a Time returns to ABC for its seventh season. The residents of the enchanted forest face their greatest challenge yet. The Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Rumpelstiltskin join forces with a grown-up Henry Mills and his daughter, Lucy. It’s an epic quest to bring hope to their world and ours.

Creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz invite you to take part in the journey. There is new fairy tale characters and old searching for true love. They find adventure and take sides in the ongoing struggle of good against evil.


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