Check out below our exclusive Star Trek: Discovery 114 Pictorial video and the brief lowdown.

We saw at the end of last week the crew of USS Discovery are back in there Universe but overshot in time. They discovered the Klingon War was over… The Federation had lost. The Klingon’s were the victors!

Star Trek: Discovery, 114 - Sara Mitich, Oyin Oladejo, Doug Jones, Emily Coutts, Sonequa Martin-Green
Star Trek: Discovery, 114 “The War Without, the War Within” – Lieutenant Commander Airiam (Sara Mitich), Lieutenant Junior Grade Joann Owosekun (Oyin Oladejo), Saru (Doug Jones), Lieutenant Keyla Detmer (Emily Coutts) and Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) © 2017 CBS Interactive. photo by Russ Martin

Star Trek: Discovery 114 PICTORIAL teaser video

Star Trek: Discovery 114 lowdown


Season 1 Episode 14 “The War Without, the War Within”

On the USS Discovery, Burnham and the crew are faced with the harsh reality of the war during their absence. In order to move forward, Starfleet must use unconventional tactics and sources to take their next action against the Klingons.

Cast includes:-
Anthony Rapp as Lieutenant Paul Stamets
Doug Jones as Saru
Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham
James Frain as Ambassador Sarek
Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell
Oyin Oladejo as Lieutenant Junior Grade Joann Owosekun
Emily Coutts as Lieutenant Keyla Detmer
Sara Mitich as Lieutenant Commander Airiam

Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry.
Star Trek: Discovery created by Bryan Fuller & Alex Kurtzman.

The episode debut on February 4th 2018


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Outside the US and Canada you can watch it on Netflix


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