With his The Equalizer 2 opening this week Denzel Washington was at the LA Premiere and gives some tip bits of what to look forward to.

The Equalizer 2 Denzel Washington interview, LA Premiere

For Denzel Washington, the appeal of McCall is simple: “He’s hiding in plain sight, an everyman”. This time around, he’s moved on; instead of selling you home improvement goods, he’s your Lyft driver! The avenging angel who has fought for justice for strangers finds himself fighting a more personal battle than ever before.

Denzel tells, “When we first see McCall, he’s trying to help other people who can’t help themselves, but it becomes very personal.”

In the video he recommends watching out for two actors Ashton Sanders and Pedro Pascal.

Ashton Sanders

Ashton Sanders plays Miles Whittaker, a young man who lives in McCall’s building. Sanders tells his thoughts about the role, “Miles is a good kid, but is slowly starting to get involved in a lifestyle that can be potentially dangerous for him. He lacks positive guidance, and McCall becomes that for him.”

“In the first film, McCall was a savior within the community, so I think he’s doing the same with Miles. Saving him,” Sanders continues.

Equalizer 2 - Ashton Sanders and Denzel Washington
Equalizer 2 – Miles (Ashton Sanders) finishes the wall as Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) watches him ©2017 CTMG, (Columbia Pictures)

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal plays operative Dave York. “York and McCall were essentially partners back in the day,” says Pedro. “They are a part of a mysterious, elite group of highly trained government soldiers – part of the government’s most hidden elements. He and I were in the same explosion that I survived and he presumably didn’t. York has mourned him for seven years, believing him to be dead. Their connection is one of friendship, one of trust, partnership, mentorship. I would choose it as my character’s deepest relationship.”

Pedro was thrilled by the opportunity to play opposite Washington in a high-intensity thriller. “I would say the incredible appeal of The Equalizer is that you have the ultimate badass actor playing the ultimate badass role,” he says. “He’s a highly trained killer, using that training and that talent for good.”

Equalizer 2 - Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal
Equalizer 2 – Robert McCall (Denzel Washington ) and Dave York (Pedro Pascal) are reunited once again ©2017 CTMG, (Columbia Pictures)