Check out The Flash 5×16 Clip “Failure is an Orphan” from The CW. Sherloque Wells (Tom Cavanagh) feaures in this clip for the episode airing today.

The Flash 5×16 Clip

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The Flash 5×16 lowdown

“Failure is an Orphan”

The Meta-Cure Is Ready To Use On Cicada

With the meta-human cure ready to use, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash must figure out a way to subdue Cicada (Chris Klein) long enough to take it.

Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) steps in to help with the plan.

Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L Martin) eases back into work, and Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) isn’t happy about the way her dad plans to stop Cicada.

Viet Nguyen directed the episode written by Zack Stentz (#516).

Original airdate 3/12/2019.

The Flash series lowdown

Based on characters from DC’s The Flash.

After the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator explosion, a dark matter lightning storm strikes Central City C.S.I. Barry Allen. This bestows him with super-human speed. For now, only a few close friends and associates know that Barry is literally the fastest man alive. However it won’t be long before the world learns that Barry Allen has become… The Flash.