Check out Disney's Live-Action Dumbo Major Changes To 1941 Original.

Disney's Live-Action Dumbo Major Changes To 1941 Original

Spoilers! Did You Notice All The Changes Made In Disney’s Live Action Dumbo?
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There used to be a time when the old Disney flick “Dumbo” caused millennials a great deal of sorrow. But now, it looks like those old memories are about to be replaced with bigger and better ones. Although “Dumbo” still pulls at our heartstrings, it’s safe to say that the elephant’s new journey is very different than the one we’re used to. Disney wanted to reinvent Dumbo’s image, and they managed to hit the nail on the head. Dumbo’s makeover is both exciting and adorable, and many fans can’t wait to see him soaring through the clouds.

The live-action Disney remake is set in the 1940s and follows the lives of the highly talented Medici Brothers Circus performers. Director Tim Burton has infused the remake with gorgeous colors, extravagant scenes, and unforgettable acts. In this video, we’re going to point out some major differences between the 1941 original film and its 2019 live-action remake. After watching this video, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe for more news from TheThings.

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