ITV has released this video of Lee Majors announcing the return of Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3. In it, there are shots of him interlaced with ‘surveillance’ footage from the upcoming series. Lee tells us that he is playing Captain Jeff Tracy. There is just one person seen in the video, and he is walking in and over Zero X. We hear Keyo’s voice expresses surprise that the person is Jeff Tracy as he has been missing for some years.

Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3 Part 2 – Jeff Tracy? Video

Zero X spacecraft

The Zero X spacecraft was first seen in 1966 in one of the films Gerry Anderson made of the series. Interestingly, while the series at the time was called Thunderbirds, this film was titled… Thunderbirds Are Go! Zero X later appeared in 1967 in the television series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

Thunderbirds Are Go – Is this Jeff Tracy on Zero X? ©2018 ITV / Pukeko Pictures
Thunderbirds Are Go – Is this Jeff Tracy on Zero X? ©2018 ITV / Pukeko Pictures

The producers of this latest tv show, Thunderbirds Are Go, choose not to include the Tracy boys father. The suggestion I believe was they wanted to focus on the kids. Somehow it was meant to be better for children watching it!

For those of us that don’t mind the CGI ‘puppets’ and were fans of the original show, this is a good move – if indeed this really in Jeff Tracy. It always seemed like an odd move not to have him originally. However, we should note that Lee does say “he may be back”…

Lee Majors

Thunderbirds Are Go – Lee Majors announces he will be playing Captain Jeff Tracy ©2018 ITV / Pukeko Pictures

Lee Majors is best known, to me, for playing the lead role in tv’s The Six Million Dollar Man in 1974. The video, unfortunately, reminds us that the actor is 80 years old. Some of it shows him with a little problem with reading a prompt of the characters name. Hopefully, he will have a stronger voice in the series, otherwise, the character might seem to be more Grandma’s age!

Still, I think he is a nice choice for Jeff Tracy… if indeed he really is him!

Thunderbirds Are Go – Is this Jeff Tracy? The person is inside the space craft Zero X ©2018 ITV / Pukeko Pictures
Thunderbirds Are Go – Is this Jeff Tracy on Zero X? ©2018 ITV / Pukeko Pictures

The last time I can recall any mention of Jeff was in Thunderbirds Are Go 206 “Up From the Depths”. It featured a prototype Thunderbird 1 and an original series Thunderbird hat, but no Jeff!

The video, released this week, confirms the show’s return on ITV in the UK. Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3 Part 2 will debut May 18th, 2019. It has been so long, I wonder, will the kid’s still remember the series?

Thunderbirds Are Go, 206 “Up From the Depths” Part One – ©2016 ITV