Check out the lowdown for Thunderbirds Are Go 311 “Endgame”. In this episode, the Chaos Crew break into a holographic game to steal a piece of technology.

Doctor Who‘s Sylvester Mccoy voices Aezethrill the Wizard… well I guess that in the holographic game that’s mentioned in the story teaser for this episode.

Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3 Episode 11 will first air on UK’s ITV Saturday May 25th 2018 at 8:00am – 8:30am. It is also showing on CITV at the same time plus other times during the weekend.

The series is also available Amazon Prime. This current batch will be called Season 5 & Season 6 on Amazon.

Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3 Part 2 Promo Trailer

Thunderbirds Are Go 311 “Endgame” Clips

Clip 1 ‘The Chaos Crew Are After The Holotrix’

Clip 2 ‘Kayo Defeats The Cavern Quest Guardian’

Thunderbirds Are Go 311 “Endgame” – Lowdown

Season 3 Episode 11 “Endgame”

Production Number 2/2131/0063/001

Story Teaser: When the Chaos Crew break into a holographic game to steal a piece of technology, Kayo and Alan must play through the game to stop them.


Aezethrill… Sylvester Mccoy
Alan Tracy… Rasmus Hardiker
Kayo… Angel Coulby
Havoc… Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Fuse… Craig Stein
John Tracy… Thomas Brodie-Sangster
The Hood… Andrew Williams

Production Credits

Writer… Patrick Rieger
Head Writer… Rob Hoegee
Original Authors… Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Composers… Barry Gray, Ben Foster & Nick Foster
Voice Director… Dave Peacock
Producers… Stuart Mcara, Teresa Reed
Director… Shinji Dawson
Executive Producers… Estelle Hughes, Giles Ridge, Clive Spink, & Richard Taylor

©ITV Studios Limited / Pukeko Pictures LP 2018.
All copyright in the original Thunderbirds™ series is owned by ITC Entertainment Group Limited.
A Co-production of ITV Studios / Pukeko Pictures in association with ITV Studios Global Entertainment

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