The music for Thunderbirds Are Go 312 ‘Braman’s Sacrifice’ section made the episode!

The episode “SOS Part 1” managed to do every right for a children’s program also appealing to an adult audience. Particularly, it has a range of feelings that were excellently conveyed by the music.

The music was by Composers Ben & Nick Foster. The ‘Braman’s Sacrifice’ section would have been equally at home in a blockbuster film. The music stirring up the emotions for a poor robot sacrificing itself for human life!

Thunderbirds Are Go 312 “SOS Part 1” – Braman ©2019 ITV Studios Limited / Pukeko Pictures LP

Nick Foster has put up this video of the orchestra & choir recording the music.

Thunderbirds Are Go 312 ‘Braman’s Sacrifice’ Performance

‘Braman’s Sacrifice’ Performance Gallery

Thunderbirds Are Go 312 “SOS Part 2” go out June 8th, 2019 on ITV in the UK.

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