As we previously mentioned there are just eight episodes left of Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3. Those episodes are looking like they really will be the final, final episodes.

Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3
Thunderbirds Are Go, Season 3 – Alan Tracy (Rasmus Hardiker), Virgil Tracy (David Menkin) and Kayo (Angel Coulby) ©2019 ITV Studios Limited / Pukeko Pictures LP

At a date, yet to be confirmed, in January 2020 the episodes will start airing. Many of the kids that the show are aimed at will have moved on! Those those of us somewhat older, that have not dismissed them, will eagerly await the showing. Up on our minds is are the Tracy’s actually going to find Jeff Tracy? The character was obviously missed out for some dynamic reasons. It looks like they are going to leave it to be very last minutes of the show…

ITV have release a teaser video to get us in the mood…

Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3 – The Final Countdown Video

Teaser for the last eight episodes are due to air from January 2020